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President Su Yegan: To pursue excellence is the corporate ideal for which we strive unremittingly

        On the civilization journey and dream road of human history, thousands years of culture is accumulated and there are rises and declines, ideals and legends wrote down at any time. The smoke and cloud outlined with color pens, fantasy delineated with beautiful decoration and carved classic all send out the broadest wisdom and the most far-sighted ideal light. Either pursuit and glory, or delicacy and prosperity, are all printed with winds and clouds of the time and also brilliance of the flourishing age, and this is just the richest gift and spiritual enjoyment given by splendid architectural aesthetics to mankind. Datang culture, known as the most resplendent treasure in the long history of Chinese civilization, is also the most brilliant and immortal chapter in the civilization history treasure house of human… Looking back at the history, we admire lofty virtue and enjoy sparkling and magic color, which last ceaselessly for thousands of years. Datang, inheriting culture through the ages and adhering to its excellent ideal, is just the pioneer making innovation and transcendence constantly in the construction field in South China.

Meet with the flourishing age and hold civilization. Here is the communication between Splendid Cultural Transmission (Splendid for short) and Datang President Mr. Su Yegan:

Splendid: We knew that Guangdong Datang Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. At that time, it was the surging time of the tide of reform and opening up. We can say that the birth and development of Datang was just in a golden era. You honor President Su, would you please introduce us some basic information about Datang in its initial stage.

Dating: We can describe Datang in its early time with “Start from Scratch”. It is difficult to start a business and the road is rather bumpy. However, we always hold a lofty ideal, that is, to make Datang bigger and stronger and develop Datang into a first-class construction brand in Guangdong province and even China as a whole. We got to where we are today step by step unswervingly. 

Splendid: Datang must contain a profound cultural connotation and feelings in a flourishing age. Then why you choose Datang to name your company and what business ideals does it imply?

Datang: Constructional engineering, along with all stages of the history of human civilization, progresses with development and rises due to economic prosperity. Different styles of architecture cultures are formed in different nations, different countries and different regions. Tang Dynasty is the great era when Chinese civilization was extremely prosperous, and in this period, both architectural aesthetics and engineering standard ascended the summit of human history. A great nation creates great culture and great culture drives history progress. On the road where we build our ideal and greet a flourishing age, Datang represents “Excellence, Honor, Quality, Ideal”, which is the common enterprise faith and quality pursuit of all Datang people!

Splendid: Wonderful, President Su. Indeed as you said, Tang dynasty culture is a national culture as a matter of fact and an inclusive and profound culture of a flourishing age. What kind of relation is there between Datang’s corporate culture with such profound historic culture?

Datang: “Water can float your boat, it can also overturn it”, this is a famous dictum said that loyal minister Wei Zheng to Emperor Taizong of Tang. So it is to us who start business. If we compare customers as water in the river, then, we were the boat in the water. Quality service can always bring satisfying demands for customers and make Datang establish a kind of harmonious and co-existing partnership with its customers. This is also the basic guarantee for a good credit and reputation of Datang among customers. Only in this way, can our enterprise survive and develop in the surging trade tide.

Splendid: How does Datang develop and thrive constantly?

Datang: Ever since the inception, all Datang people unite into one, work step by step in a careful and honest dedication spirit and a enterprising and down-to-earth work attitude unswervingly year by year, making Datang bigger and stronger gradually and get what it is now.

Splendid: Datang’s business scope is expanding constantly. What fields have you set foot in?

Datang: Our business scope now has expanded to investment in real estate, finance, housing construction general contracting, general contracting of municipal projects, energy-saving curtain walls, R&D of doors and windows, steel structure processing, various decoration projects, and so forth.

Splendid: What projects build by Datang are you most satisfied with?

Datang: Yangming Plaza in Zhuhai, Dunhuang Building, Yunding Lanshan, Xiangzhou District No. 11 Middle School, Taoli Home, Technology Building, etc.

Splendid: Over the past twenty or more years, quality and reputation are always what Datang people proud of, may I ask how you achieve customer satisfaction?

Datang: There is no one hundred percent of perfection but making all-out efforts. We always try our best to have a clear conscience, we are also careful and dedicated, and do things with professional ethics. I think customers can feel Datang people’s professionalism and sincerity anyway! Distance tests a horse’s stamina and time reveals a man’s heart, that’s it.

Splendid: We witnessed that you organized learning and interaction on moral education in the staff meeting. Is such learning directly related with the construction of corporate culture?

Datang: Morality is the foundation of survival and integrity is the soul of a business. Every Datang employee exists as an independent life individual first of all, and their morality determines their attitude of doing things. Therefore, Datang has a rather high moral requirement to all its employees, which is the cornerstone of corporate integrity. We carry out moral education to our staff, with the view of tamping the morality basis in the staff team, cultivating an integrity spirit and building Datang into an enterprise with morality, integrity and cultural character. 

Splendid: Some people say that current China has entered a flourishing era. In the great journey on which the whole national builds China dream, what actions and responsibilities should Datang have?

 Datang: China dream is a macroscopic pattern and the vision of Greater China in a great era. China dream is an overall thought and creation and also the perfect combination of partial and individual dreams with fundamental policies of the country. “Every man alive has a duty to his country!” In the great era when the Chinese nation creates their future and shape a flourishing times together, no matter an enterprise or an individual should shoulder his responsibility, obligation and due actions bravely, which is an necessary requirement to any enterprise and the enterprise’s employees. In the journey when Chinese nation rejuvenates, Datang aspires to compete for a piece of land of its own in China construction field and join hands with customers for common brilliance relying on its quality engineering, superior quality and considerate service!